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We are happy to announce we have launched our on-line Contemporary, Fine Art web site- Syzygy Gallery. It has been our wish to create this virtual gallery after closing our gallery in Fort Myers, Fl. After relocating to Maryland in the greater area of DC/Baltimore/Delmarva and Philadelphia.Our mission is to show professional artists, national and International, and support artists, who have devoted their life to Fine Art and Arts and Crafts. We will be adding artists after a jury has accepted the art presented to us to guarantee  high-end contemporary art.

You can easily browse through the art with the help of the Top Menu. Purchasing the art through the website should be of no concern, since  payments are going through Pay Pal. We do not store any payment  information.

We hope you enjoy this web site and will also purchase art; photography, striking- semi-precious stone jewelry or arts and crafts through our easy purchase cart.

"Syzygy is serendipitous art gallery with rich tradition"

On the corner of First Street and Patio de Leon is an intriguing art gallery. It’s name is Syzygy.
The name has astrological derivations. It refers to the alignment of three or more celestial bodies and has come to signify an event resulting from coordination, conjunction and unity of effort. This is an apt description, since the gallery is the result of a confluence of events involving four owners, Christina Jarmolinksi, Rob de Koter, Elaine Hayse and Sally Maitland.
Back in the ‘90s, it was Hayse and Maitland who owned and operated the gallery, albeit at a location in Royal Palms. Under their tutelage, the eclectic little gallery moved into the forefront of the local art scene, exhibiting the work of many renowned artists including the late Bob Rauschenberg. And one artist that Hayse and Maitland wanted to include in their stable was Christina Jarmolinski.
Christina had just returned from Europe, where she not only studied painting, sculpture, ceramics and gemology, but taught in colleges and...............................................

We have sinced moved our Gallery and are not situated online and in Salisbury, Maryland.

Tom Hall, 2011