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Christina Jarmolinski

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Artist Statement: 

" I am a contemporary, visual artist. I  love to experiment using objects as coins, old torn wall papers, gold plate, newspapers and more. My art is not mainstream, sometimes edgy- Pop Art . Art is my life""It is my ambition to creatively experiment in diverse techniques, endlessly attempting to create new expressions. I therefore allow myself to experience the many facets of art. Art is my life."

After graduating High School in Ct. I studied art in: Austria at the Oskar Kokoshka's School of ART, in Munich and the University of Trier. I also completed an apprenticeship in ceramic sculpting.

Some of my accomplishments have been:  stage designing , instructing painting, mixed media, ceramics and meditations for over 20 years in colleges and museums in Europe. Promoting Art Appreciation for Children. I also owned and curated over 5 Galleries in Germany and in the USA - Syzygy Gallery in Ft. Myers, Fl being the latest.

My  work is shown and collected internationally.

I have recently moved her studio and home to Maryland,  enjoying Delmarva on  the Atlantic. - And the Atlantic is where I started her journey. Since then I have shown my art regularly in Rockville/DC area, Rehoboth Beach,Delaware, Ocean City, MD. and Salisbury, MD.

In a nutshell -"ART IS MY LIFE"- Christina Jarmolinski

To my Art Jewelry: I am a visual artist. In 1992 I traveled to India, studied gemology in Poona, at the Institute for Gemology. It was there I found my love for semi-precious stones. I love what nature has created. I collected a huge array of stones offered in India, had some certified and the others I bought with my knowledge and "gut-feeling." The president of the Institute said it was due to my artist eyes, I could "see" the life of the stones. He encouraged my endeavor to design with beads India had to offer. (picture will follow). I was also introduced to a "stone guru," who taught me the quality and the essence of these gifts of nature. I learned the traditional beading style of the Indians and Tibetan cultures. I went on designing necklaces with these attributes in a contemporary-ethnic fashion not forgetting the stones origins. Since then I have collected and designed. Many of my pieces were bought internationally and sought after due to their originality.

God’s precious gift to our world is nature. Nature = stones, minerals, gems............



My jewelry was featured last fall in Pulse Magazine of Naples and is shown at Petunia's of Naples and in Grandeur at Gannon's of Fort Myers, Florida.